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Sinocalci's Clean Coal Technology win Donghua Project
Time:2016-11-21  |  Views:67  |  Author:SINOCALCI

       On Nov 2016, Sinocalci Corporation signed Contract with Tangshan Donghua Iron& Steel Group for Reconstruction of Clean Coal Combustion System for2*600TPD Annular Shaft Kiln.DonghuaSteel Group, steel manufacturing conglomerate, as one of the largest iron andsteel groups in Tangshan and even in Hebei province, has total assets of 4.5 billion yuan, and employs more than 3,000 people.When making revamping of clean coal system for annular shaft kiln of Donghua Steel,Sinocalci also repaired and upgraded the corresponding kiln system facilities.

       The revamping technology of clean coal system on annular shaft kiln in China isinitiated by Sinocalci Corporation, which has been successfully applied invarieties of domestic project,  and the related technologies have reached international leading level.Thecooperation with Donghua Steel gave an sign that Sinocalci has opened themarket in Hebei region. For the leading steel enterprises in the peers like Ruifeng Steel and Donghua Steel consecutively chose to adopt Sinocalci's cleancoal system revamping technology evidenced that Sinocalci had obtained the recognition by the industry benchmarking units, the clean coal system revamping technology represented the development direction within the entire industry.The customized services can help customers to save the cost  and bring the actual economic benefits fromtechnical upgrading, hence to achieved a win-win results.